Research Projects

A key challenge for the 21st century is, to provide billions of people with the means to access, move and manipulate, what has become, huge volumes of information. The environmental and economic implications becoming serious, making energy efficient data communications key to the operation of today’s society.

In the DANCeR, the Nanophotonic group is developing a new framework for optical interconnects that will provide a common platform that spans Fibre-to-the-home to chip-to-chip links, even as far as global on-chip interconnects. The project is based on the efficient coupling of the Photonic Crystal resonators with the outside world. These provide the ultimate confinement of light in both space and time allowing orders of magnitude improvements in performance relative to the state of the art, yet in a simpler simple system- the innovator’s dream. New versions of the key components of optical links- light sources, modulators and photo-detectors- will be realised in this new framework providing a new paradigm for energy efficient communication.

In COSMICC, the Nanophotonics group is working wiith key industrial and research partners in the fields Silicon Photonics, CMOS electronics, Packaging, Optical transceivers and Data centers. The project goal is to demonstrate that mass commercialization of Silicon photonics based transceivers is possible by 2019 through the enhancement of the existing photonic integration platform of ST-Microelectronics. COSMICC will develop optical transceivers that will be packaged on-board and by combining CMOS electronics and Si-photonics with innovative-high-throughput fiber-attachment techniques, the developed solutions will be highly scalable. With performances improved by an order of magnitude as compared with current VCSELs transceivers, the COSMICC technology will answer tremendous market needs with a target cost per bit that the traditional WDM transceivers cannot meet.